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Our mission:

To cultivate a community around a sustainable food system.

We envision a world in which food is growth with care for the environment and where strong, local food systems are supported so that every person has access to abundant fresh, healthy, and enjoyable food. Through the pillars of community, education, outreach, and exploration, we’re training the next generation of food system leaders.

Our goals:


To empower students to grow their own food by teaching them the principles of organic farming through service and experiential learning.


To share fresh produce with local community members who are facing food insecurity, and to enhance collaboration between organizations pursuing a just and sustainable food system.


To serve as an interdisciplinary research site that provides diverse opportunities for exploration.


To promote leadership development, innovation, and social entrepreneurship among our students.

More Than a Farm

UGArden is supported by a  combination of dedicated students, UGArden Club members, interns, Farm Manager, AmeriCorps Volunteers, Master Gardeners, student workers, and faculty. Read More

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