UGArden serves as a drop-off point for Athens-Clarke County composting! This means anyone can drop off compostable materials at the farm, completely free.


Anything that was once alive (with a few exceptions.) Keep scrolling to learn more.


Drive past the upper barn and take the first left turn. Find the compost bin in front of the building immediately to your right. Keep scrolling for a map.


Drop by anytime during our business hours.
M-F, 8-5pm


Composting helps reduce food waste and produce powerful organic fertilizer.

New Compost Guidelines

Finding the New Bin

UGArden Compost Internship

The Office of Sustainability at UGA sponsors a Compost Internship at UGArden. This intern manages the farm composting system with the help of our resident Master Gardener, Bert Richards. They learn how to drive and operate a tractor so they can grind and turn the pile, while also recording temperatures and assisting with general farm tasks. Learn more about this position through the Office of Sustainability’s website.