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Compost Information

Where Should I Deliver My Scraps?

  • The UGArden: 2510 S Milledge Ave, Athens, GA 30605
  • The compost bin is located right outside of the white barn

When Should I Deliver My Scraps?

  • Anytime during UGArden work hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm
  • Simply place your compost in the compost bin, and be on your way!

Why can’t I bring tea bags?

  • Tea leaves are filled with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are key elements to make great compost. However, often times tea bags are made with synthetic fibers that don’t break down entirely and can even deposit harmful chemicals into the soil. So, while we welcome your used tea leaves, please throw the bags out first! 

What about all those paper (and even plastic-y) products that are ‘compostable’? 

  • Well, they do biodegrade, however, over a lengthy time frame. At UGArden, we work to make quality and speedy compost at a time frame of about two months start to finish. So, while we don’t accept it at our pile, don’t let this discourage you from composting it on your own! (Just please don’t bring it here…)

Can I bring meat and dairy products?

  • NO, meat and dairy products definitely decompose, but they often smell and even rot, attracting curious critters like rats and armadillos and racoons, who can get into the pile and disturb the process! They also don’t smell so great for the people around it, so it is a safe bet to just not. 

Do newspapers and paper towels make a good compost? 

  • NO, although natural paper products like newspapers and old paper towels make great brown elements to a compost pile, lots of our paper products are treated with a glossy finish (a bright magazine or a wax-coated paper cup). This treatment makes it difficult to fully decompose and can even add harmful toxins to the pile.

Do I need to remove stickers from produce before composting?

  • Please remove all stickers!! Produce stickers/labels are non-biodegradable.