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Research & Projects

UGArden is more than just a small organic farm run by students. UGArden is a place where students can explore ideas and experiment. Some of the projects have been simple demonstrations or small experiments comparing organic practices. A few have been more formal graduate student research projects conducted in pursuit of a Master degree in Horticulture or Landscape Architecture. Many of the projects have been sponsored by the UGA Office of Sustainability through their sustainability grant program. Not all projects have proved successful or changed the world, but all have provided experience with writing grants, scientific inquiry, public speaking and leadership.

Graduate Student Projects

Holy Basil Cultural Practices

Efficacy of Organic Insecticides on Squash Bug Adults and Nymphs

Effects of Cover Crops on Squash Bug Populations

Breeding a Disease Resistant, open-pollinated Zucchini Adapted to Organic Production in the Southeast USA

Constructed Raised Beds

Undergraduate Projects

Troubleshooting a Vertical Hydroponic System under Organic Systems

Evaluations of Soil Mixes for Vegetable Production

Ongoing Projects

Medicinal Herbs

Compost Management

Bicycle-powered Compost Sifter for Small Farms

Lettuce Variety Trials

Rainwater Collection Systems

Shiitake Mushrooms

Solar Panels for Generating Electricity