UGA Classes

Teaching students to grow food using organic practices through experiential learning.

Classes are available to UGA students. Offerings vary per academic year and semester. Check Athena or contact us for current course listings.

Fulfill your Experiential Learning requirement at UGArden!

HORT 3920: UGArden Internship (3 credit hours) is a 10 hours/week commitment in which students work with the UGArden team to power our operations. Students learn the ins-and-outs of organic food production, including how to operate equipment, apply fertilizers, sow seed and harvest produce.

HORT 4030S/6030S Sustainable Community Food Production (3 credit hours) covers the wide range of practices used to raise food for community gardens, school gardens,  and small-scale urban agriculture. Students plan, plant and maintain their own garden plots at UGArden. This course is one of two anchor classes for the Local Food Systems Certificate.

More Classes at UGArden

HORT 4125/6125 Organic Agriculture Systems (4 credit hours) gives each student the chance to maintain their own UGArden plot. Upon harvest, students sell their produce at a weekly Farmers Market, held in the upper barn. Students are responsible not only for growing, but also for marketing and selling their goods.

HORT 3200: Protected and Controlled Environments Horticulture (3 credit hours) This course provides an overview of the principles and practices of agricultural systems that modify the natural environment in order to enhance crop production. The emphasis will be on edible horticultural crops and will cover both soil and soilless growing methods, including hydroponics.

HORT 3300: Organic Gardening (3 credit hours) teaches students the history and principles of organic production and issues of sustainability in growing horticultural crops, with an emphasis on science-based practices. Students will participate in experiential and service-learning gardening activities outside of class.