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What’s New at UGArden?

This past week was another busy one for UGArden.

This past week was another busy one for UGArden. We’ve finished hosting Experience UGA field trips but continue to harvest at full steam. The good news is that with the shift in weather we’re expecting a bounty of shiitake mushrooms. We’ve also been working hard processing turmeric which will be sold at market and used in teas. After cleaning the turmeric, we boiled and then sliced and dehydrated the roots which will be ground for use in tea. We use a similar process for ginger roots.

We were also able to get a bit of planting done this week. Our interns sowed kohlrabi seeds and planted garlic in the field. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until spring to harvest fresh garlic. We can’t wait!

Next week UGArden will continue to harvest before taking a brief pause over Thanksgiving week. We hope you can join us! You can register to volunteer here.

MARKET UPDATE: We will not have markets the week of Thanksgiving (November 20-24). They will resume after Thanksgiving on Monday, November 27th.