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What’s New at UGArden?

UGArden Markets Close This Week; Will Return Next Week

Due to UGA being closed for Thanksgiving week, all UGArden markets will be closed this week. Don’t worry, though, because we’ll be returning the following week of 11/27/17. 

In other news, Noelle’s Ginger and Turmeric Workshop last Saturday was a major success. She had the following to say:

We had a full class of 15 and I was able to talk about how to grow, harvest and process ginger and turmeric. We discussed the many health benefits of each, and in between the lecturing, we tried so many tasty foods with demonstrations to show everyone easy ways to incorporate these spices into their daily life!

The menu included

  • Ginger lemon honey tea
  • Ginger lime concentrate with sparkling water
  • Turmeric lattes
  • Rice and Shitake mushrooms cooked in turmeric infused ghee, and pickled turmeric
  • Beet and arugula salad with turmeric tahini dressing
  • Red cabbage slaw with ginger carrot dressing
  • Honey vanilla candied ginger and gluten-free paleo molasses ginger cookies

You guys. It was amazing. Everyone was engaged and really enjoyed all of the food. I was in my element and loved being able to share my knowledge in such a dynamic way. I also heard from several participants that they went home and immediately started using the recipes they tried at the workshop!!!

Noelle's Ginger and Turmeric Workshop

Noelle’s Ginger and Turmeric Workshop